Metallic Structures


The company manufactures steel towers for various clients and various fields of use, including GSM towers, towers for electricity transmission and advertising towers. Advertising towers can be fitted with a variety of panels that ensure maximum visibility for the desired message. GSM towers built by us are located throughout the country, being part of the… Read more »


We offer complete solutions for steel fences with varying heights and different types of mesh fencing and access gates with electric or manual variable openings. Extremely resistant and protected from corrosion by hot dip galvanization, our fences and gates are made to ensure a high degree of protection and prolonged resistance to all weather conditions…. Read more »


Avaco & Ecokapa Group also offers pedestrian crossing bridges and their installation by professional teams. The pedestrian walkways are designed for optimal flow over large arteries and for the protection of pedestrians. Many of these systems were installed for the passage in various locations and for crossing highways and roads, both in Romania and abroad…. Read more »


We offer a wide range of solutions for steel construction, either steel structures or full steel halls for any space. Any metallic structure that has applications in construction can be produced, our company being specialized in large scale projects. In this category we include diversity of metal products that have at their origin an idea… Read more »


We produce a wide range of street furniture that is also resistant to various weather conditions. From benches to bike parking stations, the street furniture selection offered by Avaco & Ecokapa Group is vast and features a modern design which is distinguished by functionality and durability. Hot dip galvanizing the metal parts of the street… Read more »