About Us

Since 1994, Ecokapa and Avaco have been the trusted names in the fields of metallic construction and hot dip galvanization in Romania. Founded early on in Romania’s transition economy, with the principles of bringing the ideals of German technology and quality to Romania, but at a fair price, the company filled a void in the market.Our guarantee of constant quality and promptness over the last two decades have distinguished us from the competition and make Avaco&Ecokapa Group an optimal partner for any metal construction project. The versatility of our range of products is also an advantage, given that we can provide customers almost any metal construction elements, and are among the few companies who specialize in large projects such as GSM towers, halls and indoor parking. Our company not only wishes to provide hot dip galvanizing and metal products, but efficient solutions tailored to customer needs. Our engineers work daily with our customers to receive a product that it optimally adapted, durable and unbeatable in terms of its price to quality ratio.
iso9001iso14001ohsas18001 To ensure our clients that our commitment to quality and the environment is not just an empty promise, starting with the year 2003 we have implemented standardized international systems of quality and environmental safety management like SR – EN ISO 9001 and SR – EN ISO 14001. At the same time, we have a strong commitment to the safety of our workers, illustrated by the acquisition of the OHSAS 18001 international work safety standards accreditation. This principle has guided us always: we perceive our customers’ needs as our own and we always try to meet them with effective and innovative solutions. We are a trusted partner of many national and international companies, who use our services for quality, promptness and expert advice. For our constant quality and commitment to full customer service, we have received a series of international awards. cupe-avaco-rand1 cupe-avaco-rand2