Gratings Type P (pressed)

Avaco & Ecokapa Group offers our customers optimum solutions regarding metal grating products.
The two major types of gratings that we offer are either pressed or welded.

Pressed gratings are particularly distinguished by their aesthetic attributes and are suitable for industrial and civilian constructions, bridges and roads and exterior facade work. Pressed gratings consist of bearing bars and beam distancing elements which gives the grating sheet a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing look.

Like welded gratings, pressed gratings can be ordered with anti-slip elements, in case they will be installed in wet or slippery conditions.

All gratings sold by Avaco & Ecokapa Group are manufactured according to DIN 24537 .

More information about our gratings can be found in the slideshow above or by contacting us at We would be happy to answer any and all of your questions!

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